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Livinghouse - wetroom kits

Dry Deck Solution

Pumped shower drainage solutions for minimal access wet-room applications.

In many contemporary shower and wet-rooms a gravity drain
is not a feasible option. In a loft conversion, where room
height is constrained, or in a basement where the waste
water outlet is higher than the shower gulley, an alternative
system is required.
The Whale Dry-Deck provides the solution. This electrically
powered pump system is quiet, compact and can be
concealed so as not to compromise the room's aesthetics.
It provides a reliable solution requiring no regular maintenance.

dry deck

1. Flow sensor

Measures the water flow through hot and cold pipes and transmits a signal to the control unit.

2. Control unit

The unit Initiates the start-up of the pump, regulates the flow rate and controls the pump shut down.

3. Transformer

The transformer unit converts the mains electricity supply (230V A.C.) to the low voltage DC supply required for the pump in domestic bathroom installations.
Technical data;
Double insulated IP45 rated
Fuse size 5.00 amps.

4. Dry-Deck pump

A quiet running waste water pump designed to pump up to 12 litres per minute, The pump has integral non-choke valves and requires no filter.
The pump head, which incorporates the inlet and outlet valves, may be rotated 360° to allow for specific pipework installations.
Technical data;
Voltage 24V D.C.
Nominal Weight 1.6Kg
Pipe connections 22mm


A range of pumped gulleys for shower trays and wet-room floors is available.

In this screeded wet-room, a wet-floor gulley with feet has been installed.


Features and benefits

• The system requires a minimal installation depth of only 35rnm
• Almost silent when running
• No filter in waste system - no clogging / no cleaning required
• Valves integral to the pump prevent odours escaping from the drainage pipe
• The flow rate of the Dry-Deck system automatically adjusts to changes in shower flow rate


• Ideal for wet-room applications
• Maximises vertical space - ideal for loft conversions
• Capable of pumping up to the ground floor waste outlet - ideal for basement shower installations
• May be used with conventional shower trays and tiled or vinyl floored wet-rooms
• Compact transformer, control unit and pump - easy to conceal

TO PURCHASE the wetroom kit, click on the links below for immediate delivery.

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