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Livinghouse - wetroom kits

Wetroom floor constructions

Outline fitting procedures

See fitting at a glance details for fitting guide.
Full printed instructions supplied with tanking kit.
Installing a wet room video available online.

Wetroom installation for concrete sub-floors

AquaFloor is ideal for installing a tanking system over concrete sub-floors.

1. The concrete is removed to the size of the AquaFloor hidden tray.
2. Pipe work and drainage is then installed.
3. Once plumbing is completed the wetroom tray former is bedded down to finish flush with the surrounding waterproof tanking boards if being used (tanking boards may not be required for concrete sub-floors).
4. If being installed, the 6mm waterproof tanking boards are secured to the sound concrete sub-floor using a good quality flexible tile adhesive.
5. Once the adhesive has set, all joints between the tanking boards, hidden tray and walls are then primed ready for the sealing membrane high strength tape.
6. Sealing membrane is then secured to all the joints
7. The wetroom floor preparation is complete and tiling can begin.

Wetroom installation for timber sub-floors

AquaFloor is the perfect solution for installing a safe and reliable tanking system over timber sub-floors.
This is especially important in 1st floor situations.

1. Timber sub-floor is removed to the size of the AquaFloor wet room tray.
2. Timber support is installed to the floor area ready for the tray to be fitted.
3. Pipe work and drainage is then installed.
4. Once the plumbing is completed, the hidden tray is fitted to the wooden sub-floor, finishing flush to the surrounding waterproof tanking boards.
5. Next the waterproof tanking boards are fitted to the timber sub-floor using a good quality flexible tile adhesive, finishing flush with the hidden wetroom tray.
6. When the flexible tile adhesive has set, the joints between the tanking boards, tray former & walls are primed ready for the sealing tanking tape.
7. The self adhesive tanking tape is then applied to all joints.
8. Now the wetroom floor is completely tanked and ready for tiling.

Dry deck situations

In situations where there is no gravity fall under the wetroom tray for the waste drainage outlet pipe then a pump system can be fitted e.g. situations such as basements, cellars etc.
Please see details for the dry deck pump system for further information at Livinghouse.co.uk.

Tanking kit guarantee

For peace of mind the AquaFloor system comes with a 15 year product warranty which ensures the durability and quality of the product. This guarantee relies on professional installation to the manufacturers instructions.

TO PURCHASE the wetroom kit, click on the links below for immediate delivery.

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